Automatic voltage monitor and control system. Continuously measures incoming line voltage, allowing detection of any voltage outside the tolerances that you set. If these limits are exceeded, the response timer begins counting. you may also set response time – a short time for a quick response or a long time to avoid nuisance tripping. If the voltage remains outside the tolerance after the time has elapsed, the DSP-1 will turn off its output relay and protect your device. While output is off, an additional delay timer activates to avoid rapid restarts.
Digital voltmeter displays instantaneous line voltage. Automatic voltage tester adjusts from 90 to 300 volts; Adjustable response timer (0.1 to 10 sec.) prevents nuisance tripping;
Adjustable delay timer (1 to 720 sec.) prevents rapid restarts;
Digital display makes for easy viewing and operation SPECIFICATIONS:
Voltmeter: 70 to 325 Volts
Voltage Set Point: 90 to 300 Volts
Tolerance Limits: 6 to 18%
Response Timer: 0.1 to 10 seconds
Delay Timer: 1 to 720 seconds
Output Relay: 10 Amps, 250 VAC resistive,
Control Input: 18 to 250 VAC with anticipator
load for 24 volt thermostats