Information You Give to Us

Anawak value your trust. Some of our Services require you to provide information directly to us, such as your email address. We always try to collect the minimal amount of information required in order to provide the Services you request. The information we collect depends on which Services you use:

Information Collected by the Schedule Tool: In order to provide you with accurate schedule information for your location, we collect your address, including its street address number, street name, and city.

Information Collected when you sign up for Notifications: When you sign up for event notifications, we collect contact information that is required to send you those notifications. This may include your email address, your phone number and/or your twitter username, depending on the notification method(s) you select.


Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything Anawak does.

Our security team investigates all reported security issues.

How We Retain Your Information

Anawak only keeps personal information for communication purposes. Information about how you use our Services is recorded in our logs, which are automatically deleted after 30 days. Securely encrypted backups, which are only accessible by a limited number of  staff. If you want to stop receiving our mails, you can just send us a mail and we will stop sending you.